About us

Who are Foxwell?
Foxwell is a professional supplier of automotive diagnostic products, services and solutions in the aftermarket. Foxwell combine industry knowledge, manufacturing expertise, and technological innovation to offer a broad portfolio including OBDII code readers, scanners, electrical brake tools, Data Logger devices and other emerging tools for the benefits of our customers.

Who are Foxwelleshop.com?

Foxwelleshop.com is online authorized dealer of Foxwell technology. We only provide original and professional Foxwell diagnostic tools.
We directly link customer to FOXWELL products, provide best and newest device for you.

We establish a brige, customer can tell us what function you want, what problems you encounter, through we contact with FOXWELL engineer directly, can resolve your problem faster and accurate.

We also provide fast shipping for the device all over the world. We have professional QC engineer to control the product quality, professional packing and warehouse worker to make sure you get your products on time and safely.

As we are authorized dealer of FOXWELL, you can always get the best offer.