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[US Ship] 2021 New Version Foxwell NT530 BMW Diagnostic Tool Upgraded Version of NT510Elite/NT520 Pro

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3 NT530: with Pre-Installed BMW Software [US Ship] 2021 New Version Foxwell NT530 BMW Diagnostic Tool Upgraded Version of NT510Elite/NT520 Pro
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Product Description

  1. Foxwell NT530 Multi-System Scanner with Pre-installed BMW Software Upgraded Version of NT510 and NT520 Pro
  2. The Foxwell NT530 Multi-System Scanner is a unique tool that delivers OE-level diagnosis for different car brands and supports the most commonly required service and coding features. Through hardware and software upgrades, technical staff and enthusiasts can now approach problems with greater speed and accuracy.

2021 New Version Foxwell NT530 BMW Full System Bi-directional Diagnostic Tool Upgraded Version of NT510Elite/NT520 Pro

Kindly Note:     

1. It comes with Pre-loaded BMW software, ready to use.

2. If you need to do bmw cars for year 1987-2000, you need to extra buy BMW 20 Pin Adapter .

3. Ship from US&EU Warehouse, 3-5 Days Arrive with Tax Free!

Highlights of Foxwell NT530 BMW Scanner

--Work on BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce from 1998 to 2020

The bmw scan tool is compatible with older 1987(20pin adapter needed) to 2020 BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce. 
NT530 BMW updated the firmware, which solved the NT520, NT510 BMW F series issue. For old BMW, please get 20 pin adapter her: BMW 20 Pin Adapter

---Full system diagnostic functions
This bmw scanner is capable of reading and clearing trouble codes of all major systems, including engine, airbag, transmission, ABS, SAS, EPB, DISA, DSC, SZL, TPMS, DPF Regens, and supports body, chassis, powertrain and all control modules check. 

---More than 25+ Service Reset Functions for BMW
Control service interval reset, brake deactivation, ABS activation, battery registration, abs bleeding, reset oil light service/engage points for transfer case, idle speed adjustment, traction/throttle body adjustment, troubleshoot A/C, reset CBS condition-based service, turn up brightness on ur lights, activate alarm

---Bi-directional Tests. Active Tests, Special Functoins.

---Multi-Language Available
English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Portugues, Korean,  Swedish, Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional).
It comes with English as defautl, and if you need to change language, please send us your S/N and we will activate for you. 

----More car software can be installed
NT530 can max add up to 5 car makes at anytime with extra pay USD60 or USD80.

---Lifetime Free Technical Support 
Get supports from engineers from Foxwell directly. Please contact us freely if you have any problem about the products (We only responsible for products from our website and won't offer supports to other website products)

---Lifetime Free Update Online

Foxwell NT530 BMW Functions Introduction
  • Compatible with both OBDI and OBDII vehicles

  • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes from numerous vehicle systems - ABS, Airbag, Engine, Transmission, Instrument cluster etc.

  • Bi-directional Test:  NT530 allows you to use the scan tool temporarily activate or control a vehicle system or component. With this diagnostic tool, the check of electronic components such as switches, sensors, relays, and actuators is made a simple task. It allows you to recalibrate, adapt or configure certain components after making repairs or replacement. Those test includes but not limited to register battery replacement, CAS reset,CO adjustment, delete transport model, disable/enable key.

  • Oil Service Reset: Allows you to reset the service lamps on the instrument cluster.
  • Electronic Parking Brake Service: Allows you to perform the service and maintenance of brake systems, including deactivation and activation of the brake control system, bleeding brake fluid, opening and closing brake pads, and setting brakes after disc or pad replacement, on BMW vehicles where electronic brake systems are fitted.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): Allows you to check the tire sensor IDs from the vehicle ECU and to perform TPMS programming and reset after tires and/or TPM sensors are replaced and/or tires are rotated.
  • ABS/Airbag Services: Allows you use the scanner temporarily to activate or control anti-lock brake systems and air bags or components.
  • Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Calibration: Allows you perform calibration of the Steering Angle Sensor, which permanently stores the current steering wheel position as straight-ahead in the sensor EEPROM. On successful calibration of the sensor, its fault memory is automatically cleared.
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration: Allows you perform the DPF cleaning to clear the blockage through continuous burning of the particulates captured in the DPF filter. When a DPF regeneration cycle is completed, the DPF light automatically goes off.
  • TBA/TPS Throttle Body Alignment Reset: vehicle's throttle position system sensor connected to the butterfly spindle and is primarily used to monitor the throttle position within an inner combustion engine. Due to its location, the throttle position sensor is able to effectively observe where the throttle butterfly valve is positioned.
  • CVT Transmission fucntion: On these CVT transmissions, the timing of the release and application of elements (clutch packs and bands) is controlled by the transmission control module (a microprocessor)
  • Camshaft Gear Learning: The scan tool monitors certain Camshaft position sensors signals to determine if all conditions are met to continue with the procedure for Engine running.
  • Seat Match: A memory seat is essentially an electrically-adjustable car seat which can be mobed into pre-set positions at the push of a button.
  • Clutch Adaptation: Importance of clutch oedal free-Play,anything less than the correct amount if free play will result in clutch slip,because the pressure plate will be unable to exert its full pressure on the friction plate,clutch linkage adjustment to compensate for clutch wear.
  • A/F Adjust:Correspondingly change the fuel supply to change the steam production of boiler and maintanin the energy balance in the combustion process.
  • Injector Coding.Write injector actual code or rewrite code in the ECU to the injector code of the corresponding cylinder so as to more accurately control or correct cylinder injection quantity. After the ECU or injector is replaced, injector code of each cylinder must be confirmed or re-coded so that the cylinder can better identify injectors to accurately control fuel injection.
  • Clutch Adaptation: Importance of clutch oedal free-Play,anything less than the correct amount of free play will result in clutch slip,because the pressure plate will be unable to exert its full pressure on the friction plate,clutch linkage adjustment to compensate for clutch wear.
  • Language Change: Change Dashboard Language.
  • Windowsdoor
  • Turbo
  • Headlamp
  • Battery Configuration. This tool can register battery replacement, but the replace battery must be the SAME BATTERY TYPE and CAPACITY with the ORIGINAL. 

Foxwell NT530 with Pre-installed BMW Software Supported Carlist

BMW Models: 

1 Series: E81/E82/E87/E88, F20
2 Series: F22 F23 F45 F46
3 Series: E30/E36, E46, E90/E91/E92/E93, F30/F31/F35, F34 F80
4 Series: F32/F33 F36 F82 F83
5 Series: E28, E34, E39, E60/E61, F10/F11, F07, F18
6 Series: E24, E63/E64, F12/F13, F06
7 Series: E23, E32, E38, E65/E66/E68, F01/F02/F04
8 Series: E31
I Series: I01/I12
X Series: X1_E84, X3_E83, X3_F25, X4_F26, X5_E53, X5_E70, X6_E71, X6_E72, X5_F15,X5_F85, X6_F16,X6_F86, X1_F48,
Z Series: Z1_E30, Z4_E85/E86, Z8_E52, Z4_E89

MINI For Most Models 2002-Present

Body Styles Covered

R50: "Mk I" Mini One & Cooper (2001–2006)

R52: "Mk I" Mini Convertible (2004–2008)

R53: "Mk I" Mini Cooper S (2001–2006)

R55: "Mk II" Mini Clubman (2007–present)

R56: "Mk II" Mini Hatch/Hardtop range (2006–2013)

R57: "Mk II" Mini Convertible (2009–present)

R58: Coupé (2012–present)

R59: Roadster (2012–present)

R60: Countryman (2010–present)

R61: Paceman (2013-2016)

F54: Clubman (2016-present)

F55: Hatchback (2014-present)

F56: Hatchback (2014-Present)

F57: Convertible (2014-Present)


RR1, RR2, RR3, RR4, RR5

FAQs on Foxwell NT530 BMW Scanner

Ques #1: Can I use Foxwell NT530 BMW to diagnose other brands?

Yes, You can spend USD60 or USD80 to add one car make, totally can be added up to five car makes.

Ques #2: Can it display freeze frame data?

Yes, it can. You can use this data to find problems. Plus, the diagnostic tool is also able to save data making it easier to share information with others.

Ques #3: How can I update the software?

Foxwell NT530 comes with lifetime free upgrades .You can download upgrades from the official site to your computer and use the provided USB cable to install it on the device.

Ques #4: Do I have to buy the obd connector separately or does it come with the scanner?
A:  It comes with an standard obd plug to connect with your car, but if your car is before year 2000, need extra buy bmw 20 pin cable.

Customer Reviews on Foxwell NT530 BMW Scanner

1. Perfect for my e46 325i! Worked as advertised... engine was idling rough on my 325i and the scanner pointed straight at a firing issue on cylinder #5. I changed the coil and now she runs as smooth as butter. Very easy to use, feels like a quality built product. Highly recommended!

2. Perfect for the e46. I was able to reset the ABS light that came on when I've disconnected the door airbag while putting in a new window regulator. Got the Chrysler module as well (of their site) and was able to test and troubleshoot the A/C on my 2013 Jeep JK.

3.Best scanner ever! I got this for my 2013 128i cause I had a code come up for steering angle sensor plausibility? And hooked this thing up and found exactly what was wrong with it and recalibrated it. Took of my brake and traction control lights! Very happy with this purchase!

4.I was having some unexplained problems with my E60 M5(Like everyone else) And this was able to read the BMW specific modules very easily and help me diagnose the problems. You will ultimately save money owning this. It is small, and you will feel like a pro being able to read, and reset the BMW specific codes. This is far beyond a regular OBDII scanner.
You can also preform BMW maintenance functions such as registering a new battery, read and clear adaptations, activate and test all of the modules individually, engage the transmission, among many others.

5. I bought this to determine what was causing several lights to come on my BMW Z4. I had the dreaded three light display (DSC, Traction, Brake) and tried several remedies before buying this scanner. I cleaned all of the wheel speed sensors (probably needed it anyway) but this did not solve the problem. I decided to buy a scanner that could scan for ABS and other vehicle codes and decided on the Foxwell.

I ran a scan and it picked up a code for the Yaw/Rotation Speed Sensor. I tried to reset the code but it kept coming back on immediately so I figured it was legit. New part runs $400 to $600 and since these lights on other websites said can come from many different sources so I did not 100% trust the reading. Ended up buying a used part with a 30 day return policy ($49). So for the cost of the scanner and $49 for used part. The scanner was 100% correct. After installing the part the lights went away and I saved about $800 to $1000 in parts and labor.

6.Very satisfied. Worked as advertised on my 2002 BMW 330i. Read both OBDII and BMW unique codes. BMW codes haven't been read since I purchased the car new in 2002. Reset both my Air Bag and ABS warning lights and they haven't been back since (I'm assuming some repair like a window regulator replacement triggered the Air Bag light and similar repair to the brakes set off the ABS). That said, instead of needing to take my car into a shop or to the dealer ($$$) to fix and make the warning lights go away, the NT530 reset the lights and has shown me I really have no vehicle issues and car is running like a top. I just needed to reset the codes I some how set off. If you own a BMW, and plan on keeping it for a while, this scanner will pay for itself, especially if you are a do-it-yourselfer.

Foxwell NT530  Specification

Display: 2.8”TFT color screen
Working Temperature: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
Storage Temperature: -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
External Power: 8-18 Volts powered by vehicle battery
Dimensions: 195*95*38mm
Weight: 0.9KG
Weight/CTN: 28KG
CTN MEAS: 456*442*515mm

Foxwell NT530 Kit Includes

1pc x NT530 Pro Multi-System Scan Tool
1pc x 16 pin Main Diagnostic Cable
1pc x Mini USB Cable
1pc x Quick Start Guide
1pc x Nylon Carry Pouch 

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Foxwell NT530 do oil reset on 2014 BMW M4 F82

Technical Support

How to add other car makes for Foxwell NT530 BMW Scanner?

Here are the steps:

1.  If you want to add Aston Martin/ Benz/ Ferrari/ Fiat/ Hyundai/ Land Rover/ Maserati/ Mitsubishi/ Opel/ Porsche/ Renault/ PSA/ Mitsubishi/ ISUZU/ SUBARU/ SUZUKI, please spend USD60 to buy the software license
 If you want to add BMW/ Chrysler/ Ford/ GM/ Honda/ Mazda/ Nissan/ Toyota/ VW/ Volvo, please spend USD80 to buy the software License

2. After payment, please send your serial number of NT530 to sales@foxwelleshop, we will add it for you within one working day.

3. After our authorization, then you can download the software by yourself. Here is the way:

(1)Download update tool Foxassist via our official website.

(2)Unzip the Foxassist and start installing the Foxassist. Register and Sign In.

(3)Connect your tool with computer via USB cable and select "Update" shows on your tool and press "Enter". Or Take out the SD Card in the device and put it into the Card Reader comes with the package, and connect the card reader to computer.

(4)Then click "Download" on FoxAssist and Press "Enter" on the tool again.

(5) Select the software you paid and click "Submit " and then "Update".

(6) It takes few minutes to download. 

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